We are currently hiring for full time and part time cleaning specialist. We have positions on Tybee Island and in Savannah. You must have your own transportation. Please read below to see details on locations that need cleaning specialist.

  • Tybee Island Cleaning – We currently have 2 restaurants on Tybee Island that have to be cleaned 7 days a week. We would love to have someone who could clean these restaurants 3-4 times a week. If you do it alone it may take 3 to 3 1/2 hours. Pay is $80 a day. You must be able to get to Tybee around 6am. You can go sooner if you want once you are cleaning alone. But for training, you will need to show up at 6am.
  • Vacation Rental Cleaning – We have many Air bnb properties in Savannah that are cleaned between 10am and 3pm on a daily basis. The least amount you would earn is $50 for one property that only has one bedroom and one bathroom, and may only take about an hour to clean. Some pay $80 or more and may take 2-3 hours to clean alone. You will be told how much each location pays.
  • Bank Cleaning – We currently have 3 banks that have to be cleaned at night. Cleaning is done on Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri, Sat and one on Sunday. We will begin on 4/1 and pay will be discussed at that time. There will be more banks to come. Cleaning each bank takes about 45 minutes per bank.
  • Office Cleaning – We have several offices in Savannah that we clean. Days and times and pay vary based on each location but all are cleaned during the day either during the week or on the weekends.

Pay is calculated on a weekly basis and you will be given a check on Sunday. We do not take taxes out of your check. This may change in the future.

If you are interested in applying, please send an email to with “Job Applicant” as your subject. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Your name, address and phone number
  • Resume or if you don’t have one, you can type out your work experience in the email
  • Your availability
  • What cleaning jobs you are interested in
  • Why you would be the perfect match for the job
  • Any other relevant information you think we need to know
  • Any questions you have

We will email you back once we receive your email. If we are interested in hiring you, we will ask that you come back to this page and schedule a phone interview below. Please do not schedule an interview unless asked to do so.

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