Vacation Rental/Hotel

Whether you rent out a beach house, a condo downtown, or manage a hotel,  Clean Queen can help you keep your guests happy.


We clean vacation properties and hotel resorts in the area and would love to add you  to our growing list of happy clients.

This area is great for tourists during all holidays and especially during the summer months.  Evolve Vacation Rentals is a company many homeowners call when they need help managing their rentals and Clean Queen is one of the first companies called by Evolve Vacation Rentals to clean for one of their clients.  We not only clean the home, we also check for any broken items, we wash towels, and provide other services to help you as much as possible.

Because of our high standards Evolve chooses Clean Queen more than any other cleaning company to clean for their clients.  That says a lot about the quality of services we provide.  Make the same choice as Evolve and call us when you want to have guest stay at your rental or hotel!