When you come home and your home is clean it relieves all of your stress. Let Clean Queen give you the gift of a clean home!

Every house is different and had different needs. So we come out to meet with you for free to assess your home and discuss in detail what you want for your home.

Some of the residential services provided include:

1. Dusting blinds and furnishings

2. Cleaning baseboards

3. Wiping wooden surfaces with wood cleaner.

4. Dusting window sills.

5. Cleaning the floors with broom, mop, and/or vacuum cleaner.

6. Disinfecting bathrooms and cleaning tubs, showers, sinks, etc.

7. Making beds

8. Folding clothes

9. Washing dishes and wiping kitchen counters and appliances.

10. Removing cobwebs.

As we said before, these are just a few. With each home comes a different list. We can make our check list together. We want nothing more than to see you smile!